Recycling – 7 ways to reuse beer bottles!


Believe it or not but the fun doesn’t stop after your Skinner’s beer has gone. There are some quirky and stylish ways to reuse all our beer bottles. Some of these tips are great for the environment, others add a hint of Skinner’s to your home and some simply put a smile on your face!

We take a look at what you can do with all those empty beer bottles from your favourite brew and give you a rundown of seven inventive ways you can reuse them.

Brighten up a garden

Upturned beer bottles make a great edging for flower beds and garden paths. Carefully twist the neck into the dirt and you can section of parts of your garden with a row of empty beer bottles. It’s one way of making an outside space into your very own beer garden!

Light up your life

Enjoy the calming glow of fairy lights placed in an empty bottle. These bottled lights are all the rage in interior design – they’re stylish, attractive and give off a cosy glow during an evening. What’s more it’s instant ambiance for you to enjoy your next pint in!

Make a vase

An empty beer bottle makes a great makeshift vase! Pop a flower or two in the top and you can brighten up any corner of your home with a sweet fragrance and a cheerful reminder of your favourite tipple – who says romance is dead?

Create a planter

Craft a self-watering planter by sawing a beer bottle in half. Use a glass-cutting kit and sand down the edges. Keep the neck end and put some mesh inside to stop soil falling out. Next  attach some string to the mesh so it dangles down the neck into a glass of water. Once you’ve planted the top up then the string will suck up water feeding the plant automatically. Just watch those fingers while cutting glass!

Store food

Wash out your empty beer bottle thoroughly and reuse them for storage. Keep pulses and rice in empty bottles or fill them up with water to keep a cool drink in your fridge. If you buy in bulk or from a refill shop it’s a nice way to reduce packaging and you can keep everything fresh by putting rubber stoppers in the top.

Tell the time!

We love reusing bottles at the brewery – it’s why we give some of our empty Betty Stoggs bottles to a rather creative Skinner’s fan! She melts them down to create beautiful Betty clocks which add a stylish touch to any home! If you don’t have the pennies to invest you can always pop a bottle outside on a sunny day and use it as a good old sundial!


Last but not least recycle any beers bottles you might have left. All Skinner’s bottle are 100% recyclable and contain 45% recycled material. If you buy in bulk we also package them in biodegradable cardboard boxes made using water-based paint. Recycling our bottle is another way to make your beer bottles go further if you can’t reuse them all.

These seven tips give an extra lease of life to any Skinner’s bottle. And it’s pretty enjoyable emptying them in the first place! Now speaking of that we’re off to sup a few bottles now – purely in the name of research of course!

Have you had fun reusing your Skinner’s beer bottles? Share your pics with us on social media – we’d love to see!