Autumn AleBlazer: Green Hop


Our AleBlazer range brings you special edition beers that are each brewed with the seasons and only available for a limited period.

For Autumn we do something a bit special and travel to Worcester to pick fresh green hops from the field. The hops come from Charles Faram, who’ve been hop factors and merchants since way back in 1865. Each year they hold a hop walk and we pop over, along with a host of other brewers, to discuss beer, taste beer, and find out about new innovations on the hop world.

The fresh hops need to be used within 24 hours so they’re driven back to Truro overnight for a next day date with the mash tun.

We don’t know which hops we’ll use until we harvest them. And we won’t know the taste until we try it. That’s part of the charm of our Green Hop beer – it’s always new and always different. Right on!

Find out more about the Charles Faram hop walk at: and watch the farmers hop picking at:

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