Beer yoga, IPA cocktails and other ale trends


Drinking, like fashion, relies on trends. Different varieties to try, inventive ways of enjoying them and new tastes to experiment with.

We take a look at some ale trends when it comes to drinking. What’s new on the market and what you and your mates might be enjoying throughout 2018.

Beer yoga

It might sound bonkers but beer yoga is a new fitness craze. It’s the combination of drinking and yoga – two centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul. And when the two collide, it apparently lets you reach your highest level of consciousness. Who’d of guessed that drinking could become a legitimate form of exercise? Sounds great to us!

Ale cocktails

The phrase ‘beer cocktail’ might sound unusual but it’s just a refreshing twist on your favourite pint. Beers of all shades and styles can make versatile bases for cocktails. Simply identify the main flavours of your brew and complement them with few additions. So if you’re looking for a new and refreshing way to enjoy your pint then a beer cocktail will hit the spot!

Turning up the heat

Adding spice into beer isn’t a new thing but turning up the heat is. And we’re not talking about just popping in any old chilli pepper. It’s about bringing out those subtle sweet, spicy or smoky flavours that different, rare and exotic peppers add and bottling them. It means that brewers can now offer a bigger variety of chilli beers, each with their own distinctive kick!

The Milkshake IPA

Add lactose sugar, oats and fruit and hey presto – we give you the Milkshake IPA! As the name suggests it’s a thick, milky, sweet and often fruity beer that looks a bit like a classic milkshake. The Milkshake IPA is just one example of how IPAs just keep evolving. And it’s an evolution that keeps drinkers lapping the stuff up.

New foodie flavours

We’ve heard about putting fruit, rice and even chocolate in beer but what about fried chicken? Well, believe it or not it’s already been done. Brewers are pushing the boundaries of beer tastes by adding their favourite nosh to the mash during the brewing process. It’s opening up a whole new exciting range of food flavours for drinkers who are searching for a more experimental pint.

Beer with benefits

A Chicago-based brewery is one of the first to pair its beer with an app-based taxi company. When you buy one of their beers you get a 60% discount on your journey home. The beer named Lyft shares the same name as the app and provides drinkers with a responsible and cheap way of getting home after a night out.

Tasting rooms and walls

The beer drinker has never been faced with so much choice. And with so many flavours, styles and types comes a new way of drinking them all in! Tasting rooms – or walls – like the one in our very own brewery tap, The Old Ale House, give drinkers the opportunity to sample a little bit of everything.  It means drinkers can try the best the brewery has to offer with just one visit to the bar!

So there you go – a round-up of the latest ale trends. We think we can safely say we’ve got an exciting season ahead full of new things to try in the world of beer. But just in case you’re in need of some more inspiration, might we suggest our favourite trend of enjoying a great pint with great friends instead?

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