Meet the new beers on the block!


Our limited edition brews are a series of four, brand new ales.

Each beer features a new flavour, style or ingredient that makes them unique. And every one is a labour of love carefully crafted by our brewers after experimenting with new hops, appearances or distinctive new tastes.

But it’s not just the taste that makes them different – they’re one-off brews and it means we’re only producing small runs so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

And you’ll have to be patient for perfection – we’re releasing our limited edition brews one at a time so they can be savoured and enjoyed in their own right.

First up was our Slovenian Dragon IPA. Named for the powerful Slavic hops that fuel it, this 6% IPA is refreshing light but reassuringly complex. Subtle, floral notes of pine and rose are offset against a tangy palate of grapefruit with delicious bursts of red berry.

The Dragon was then followed by our Hazy Mango Pale which pairs the soft biscuit flavours of the Cornish malts perfectly with the smooth tropical flavours of mango. It was a perfect addition to the range for the summer to quench fans’ thirst on a warm evening with friends or family.

Both were made available online in cases of 12 x 330ml bottles – the first ale in special smaller bottle sizes and in cask and keg from selected establishments.

This will be followed shortly by the third unique edition to the range – stay tuned and we’ll reveal all soon!

But when they’re released you’ll need to make sure you snap them up quickly – they won’t stick around for long so if you want to sample them sign up to our newsletter now so you can catch them while you can!

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