Stevie Gee designs Porthleven


Stand-out orange and electric blue make the label of our Porthleven beer difficult to miss on the shelves or at the pump. But it wasn’t always so.

In 2016 each of our beers underwent a complete redesign with seven designers and illustrators commissioned to produce brand new artwork to tie in with the unique personalities of each individual brew.

For zesty, zippy Porthleven we chose underground artist Stevie Gee, a skate-style London based illustrator who’s worked for the likes of Paul Smith, Vans, Nike and the Archie Bronson Outfit.

Porthleven Pale Ale Product Design

From the fluffy white wave to the surfing figure in the foreground and the pop art styling, the Porthleven label epitomizes everything Stevie does. Scroll through his Instagram account and you’ll find skating figures contorted into amazing shapes, white-capped pints and psychedelic hues that all point towards his final design for our untameable pale ale.

Stevie cites comic books as one of his earliest influences and whilst studying graphic design at Central St Martin’s he regularly drew comics and fanzines. He names Tony Hart as major influences too. And there’s a playful humour, a cleanliness and a cheerfulness to his work that make those early influences easy to understand.

Stevie may never have visited Porthleven, but he’s captured the spirit of our pale ale (and one of Britain’s gnarliest surf breaks) using his own, unique style of illustration.

We had a quick chat to this very in-demand illustrator to find out a bit more about the Skinner’s connection…

What direction were you given and did the design come easily?

I’ve worked with A-Side Studio before on their surf magazine Kook and they contacted me to ask if I’d be interested and, of course, I was. Being an ale lover, and a big fan of Cornwall and splashing about in the sea, it was a good fit for me. The designers told me the elements they thought would be iconic to include and I drew them up in my style.

Do you enjoy seeing your design on the shelves/ pumps/ bottles etc.?

Yeah for sure, always a pleasure to see your work in print in some form or another. I think they came out great as a set to be honest. I’m happy the way it came out, the colours are bold and cheeky.

Porthleven’s strapline is ‘untameable pale ale’ ‑ do you think you (and your art) are a good match for that?

I think I’ve been tamed but I like to pretend I have some wildness left in me somewhere!

Do you love a beer? What’s your favourite Skinner’s ale? Where’s the best place to enjoy it?

I’m actually half way through a year off alcohol just now – these days I’d rather be at the beach with my family – but I’ve been known to enjoy an ale or two in the past. I did have a few bottles of Porthleven and it was super nice.

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