Spring AleBlazer: Sennen


Our AleBlazer range brings you special edition beers that are each brewed with the seasons and only available for a limited period.

Spring’s AleBlazer is Sennen, a pale and zingy brew with stunning fruit aromas and flavours.

Named for the Cornish surf break and popular holiday spot, Sennen brings an early taste of summer with refreshing lemon, pineapple notes and a light 3.8% ABV.

The beer uses a range of hops from around the world, including a New Zealand variety, beautifully balanced with pale Cornish malt.

Get in touch to stock Sennen

From 1st May 2017 we will have 100 casks of Sennen available for delivery. If you would like to stock Sennen, give our team a call on 01872 271885 or send us an email at info@skinnersbrewery.com