The perfect beer snacks to pair with your favourite ales


When you’re drinking a legendary beer like a Lushingtons, Betty Stogs or a Porthleven, you need to do it justice with the right bar snack. From crisps to fruit, here are our suggestions for partnering your Skinner’s beer with the perfect beer snack.

1. Cheesy

Beer and cheese? Yes please. 

Has there ever been a more heavenly partnership than a beer and a cheddar and pickle sarnie or a packet of cheese and onion crisps? We don’t think so. But if you’re willing to consider a cheese platter then the world of cheese is your oyster. Go salty with feta or halloumi, perfect with Lushingtons. Go creamy with camembert and brie, delicious with River Cottage. And definitely keep it Cornish with a good chunk of yarg and Cornish Knocker.

You won’t be surprised by just how well cheese works with our ales, in particular our brazen Cornish bitter, Betty Stogs. Our only suggestion is to steer clear of the blues.

2. Salty

facebook-Linked_Image___Cornish Knocker with spicy chorizo and fennel sausage rolls

Beers that have a more bitter accent – like our groundbreaking golden ale Cornish Knocker – are crying out for a salty, savoury snacking partner.

So there’s nothing wrong with keeping things real with a sausage roll, packet of pork scratchings or salted peanuts. And if that’s not quite fancy enough for you, why not raise the stakes a little by snacking on a bit of pulled pork with crackling or some Mexican chiccarones with your pale ale? Those looking for the veggie alternative, or something a little easier on the arteries, should opt for salty popcorn. Preferably, hot and popped from the pan.

3. Fruity

Our sunshine pale ale, Lushingtons, is just overflowing with bountiful, fruity flavours, so it makes sense to pair these with a fruity snack.

Of course, you could just opt for a handful of Skittles to bring out the fruity notes in your ale, but if your body is a temple and you want to try something more exciting, then try tasting your ale with some dried mango or fresh apricot. It’s a surprisingly good combination that’s worth trying out. Particularly, if the sun is shining.

4. Spicy


The hoppy, herby flavours of our pale and honeyed ales, with their warming spices like chilli and curry leaf, are a match made in heaven. So if you’re fans of our untameable pale ale, Porthleven or Hops n Honey, then these snacks are the perfect partners.

Thai finger foods like chicken satay, lemongrass fishcakes or salt and pepper squid all go down great with a slurp of pale ale. If they don’t have those at your local, perhaps a packet of Thai sweet chilli crisps or some chilli peanuts will do the job.

What’s your favourite beer snack?

What makes a top beer snack in your book? Does it have to a bit salty? Or are you more interested in the gastro-snack? We’d love to hear what you like to snack on while you’re enjoying your Skinner’s beer. Share your pic of your favourite beer snack and tag your post with #bestbeersnack to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.