A beer match made in heaven


Here at Skinner’s Brewery, we love to team up with beer events and organisations who, just like us, seek to bring great beer to the forefront of people’s minds (and tastebuds!).

We’re really excited to announce a new partnership with There’s A Beer For That, renowned as top British beer connoisseurs who believe that whoever you are, whatever you’re dining on, and where ever you may be, there’s a beer for that. (Check out their awesome video, which was on national television not long ago.)


The team at There’s A Beer For That celebrate the diversity of British beer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beer to go with a saag aloo, burger and chips or cheese fondue their explorer tool will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s more than just a beer catalogue, however. There’s a Beer for That is a place where you can find out about everything and anything beer-related; from beer etiquette, to the best UK beer events, to healthy beer and food matching.

And now, we’re very excited to say, you can find all of Skinner’s core range of lovingly brewed Cornish ales on the There’s A Beer For That website. Categorised by key ingredients and flavours, this is a great way to try something new and get a real taste of our whole range, each brew with it’s own unique and distinctive palette.  

We firmly believe that beer deserves the same reverence as wine, and it’s a trend that’s really catching on in this beer loving country. Why not try your hand at some beer and food matching?

We bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the light caramel notes in Hops ‘n’ Honey which is mouthwatering with some hand-fried crispy chilli squid; or the burst of refreshing mango, lime and lychee in our sunshine pale ale, Lushingtons, which is perfect to pair with white meat or fish; or the smooth coffee chocolate taste in our Penny Come Quick stout that makes the perfect accompaniment to a gooey chocolate brownie with Cornish clotted cream.

Remember, whatever your occasion, there’s a beer for that.