Top tips on how to brew beer


Ever fancied brewing your own beer? If the thought has ever crossed your mind, the process of brewing a great pint isn’t as complicated as you might think.

In fact if you’re pondering making a pint (or two) then we’ve even got a few homebrewing tips. This advice from professional brewers puts the perfect pint within everyone’s reach.

Make your own yeast starter

According to our brewers the secret to a great homebrew is making a strong starter. It takes about 20 minutes to make and improves your chances of getting the primary fermentation phase off to a flying start. A strong starter also reduces the risk of contamination as the sugar converts to alcohol quickly when the yeast is healthy and strong.

Master a recipe

Don’t get too adventurous, too fast. Try mastering some traditional homebrew recipes before you branch out and try something of your own. Once you’re familiar with the process and know the ingredients then you can start experimenting. That way you can learn the difference between the various malt types and hop varieties before ramping it up with anything too weird or wonderful!

Store ingredients well

According to our brewers fresher doesn’t necessarily mean better – both wet and dry ingredients can produce great results. The secret is storing ingredients well. Keep wet yeast in the fridge and dry ingredients in a cool, dark and dry place. And don’t leave them hanging around or freeze hops or you’ll be fighting off freezer burn!

Keep it clean

Sounds boring but the secret to brewing is keeping everything clean. You need to sterilise everything that comes into contact with your home brew to make sure your beer isn’t ruined by infection. And when you sterilise don’t use anything that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth – opt for no-rinse sterilising solutions.

Try not to make it too strong

Stronger, more alcoholic beers can trickier to manage at fermentation stage so don’t be tempted to start out too strong. If you’re just starting out stick within a range of 5 – 7 percent. Once you’ve brewed a few batches and your confidence has grown then you can start making it stronger!

Don’t lose your bottle

Homebrewing can be a messy business but we’ve got a great tip to help reduce spillages when it comes to bottling up your brew. Try putting your bottling bucket on the open lid of your dishwasher. It means any spillages simply get tipped up into the dishwasher when you close the door which is one less mess to clean up!

Share it around!

When it comes to tasting your homebrew then share it around. Don’t just rely on a few friends and family to give you feedback – they might not be honest! Make sure your homebrew is appreciated by a range of palettes by getting lots of people to give it a try. And remember any feedback will help you make a better brew next time!

Lastly remember that a good home brew takes time. Don’t rush it or you won’t get a pint to be proud of.

If you fancy getting a few more tips from the pros then book yourself into one of our tours. It’s a chance to talk to our brewers, watch the brewing process first hand and get close to the action!