Beer festivals of the world


Beer festivals provide the perfect excuse to explore the world and a few new, exotic pints.

But when it comes to beer festivals don’t assume you’ll need to don some lederhosen and start brushing up on your German. While Oktoberfest is well known, there are some equally amazing beerfests happening every month, worldwide.

We’ve put together our list of the best beer festivals around the world. They all offer more than the usual festival spirit and a reason to kick back and enjoy a pint further afield.

The Zythos Beer Festival

April – Leuven, Belgium
The Zythos Beer Festival is one of the largest beer tasting festivals of its kind in Europe. It’s an opportunity to meet more than 100 brewers, who produce 500 different types of beer, while trying some exciting experimental brews.

The Czech Beer Festival

May – Prague, Czech Republic
Lasting a monumental 17 days, this beer festival offers plenty of time for hop lovers to sample the 150 different craft brews on offer. During the festival you can try more than 70 brands of Czech beer as well as sampling some delicious delicacies produced by local chefs, butchers and bakers!

Mondial de la Bière

June – Montreal, Canada
Once a year Montreal is graced with the largest beer festival in Canada, Mondial de la Bière. A unique and friendly festival it showcases around 500 new beers from both micro-breweries and more well-known North American labels. Attracting over 100,000 beer lovers, it features professional tasters, prizes and even a cheese workshop!

The Hannover Beer Festival

July – Hannover, Germany
The Hannover Beer Festival gives visitors a real flavour of German beer drinking. It takes place in five grand beer tents and brings together rides, beer and shooting – a surprising tradition that is alive and kicking in many German towns! And, to top it off, there’s one hell of a parade to enjoy at the end of the festivities.

London’s Great British Beer Festival

August – London, UK
A paradise for beer lovers, CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival hosts the UK’s favourite breweries and brings together 900 different ales, craft beers, ciders and perrie. The event in Olympia also offers you the chance to sample some fantastic street food and listen to live music while enjoying a glass of something special.


September to October – Munich, Germany
No list of the beer festivals of the world would be complete without the famous Oktoberfest! Taking place from the very end of September it’s not only the world’s largest beer festival but also a folk festival too. It attracts around six million visitors who drink almost seven million litres of beer and munch their way through thousands of grilled sausages, pretzels, chickens and even a few wild oxen!

The Falmouth Beer Festival

October – Falmouth, UK
Here’s one a little closer to home and we love it because it crowns the Cornish champions! It’s Cornwall’s biggest beer festival taking place inside two massive marquees on the quay overlooking the River Fal. The festival features more than 240 fantastic real ales from local, national breweries and microbreweries as well as 60 ciders and perries. It can all be enjoyed alongside live music and tutored beer tastings too!

Cape Town Festival of Beer

November – Cape Town, South Africa
If you’re looking to escape the British Winter then book your ticket to Cape Town Festival of Beer! The largest beer festival in the southern hemisphere offers more than 200 beers from 60 breweries. It also includes the added bonus of featuring limited edition beers that can only be tasted at the festival! As well as the beer you can also enjoy food stalls, live music and even the odd rugby match.

The Holiday Ale Festival

December – Portland, US
The Portland, Oregon festival is a terrific early Christmas gift for all beer lovers. There are 50 one-of-a-kind winter seasonals, brewed by some of the best West Coast breweries, nestled like shiny new gifts underneath a gigantic Christmas tree.

The Bruges Beer Festival

January to February – Bruges, Belgium
If you want to drink every beer in the Belgium beer world then The Bruges Beer Festival is a must. The cafe culture of the historic city allows you to sit back and enjoy beer-inspired menus while enjoying one of Europe’s most beer-centric cities.

Extreme Beer Fest

February – Boston, U.S.A
If you fancy trying something different then Extreme Beer Fest is the place to do it. Celebrating everything that’s not the norm in beer, Extreme Beer Fest promises to push the boundaries of creativity in brewing and pulls an unusual pint.

The Barcelona Beer Festival

March – Barcelona, Spain
The Barcelona Beer Festival has become the meeting point for the entire beer craft sector of the country. The centrepiece of the festival is the long bar with 100 beer taps for aficionados to sample around 450 different varieties of artisan beers from Spain and abroad!

That’s it folks – a round-up of 12 of the best beer festivals the world has to offer. Visiting each of these beerfests will keep you busy and, might we say, a tad tipsy for a whole year.

But if you’re looking for something a little closer to home then why not enjoy one of our beer tasting kits? Invest in one of these and you can have your own tasting session with a few excellent ales and your best mates, without the jetlag!