Train your team as beer-tasting ninjas


Introducing (drum roll, please) the brand new Skinner’s Brewery beer tasting kit. Our Beer Trainer will help your team and your customers to hone their senses and become beer-tasting ninjas.

We’ve poured all our knowledge and passion into this little kit. With it by your side we’re confident you’ll have the ingredients you need to host great beer tasting nights and confidently share your knowledge of ale.

Sign up as a new supplier and we’ll send one of our team round with the kit to run a training session with your staff on different beers and how to taste them. Or we’ll host you at our brewery and HQ in Truro, if you prefer. We’ll also supply you with your own Skinner’s tasting kit — so you can share the love with – and pass on the knowledge to your customers.

The kit includes:

  • A host’s handbook – which includes advice on what you’ll need to run a tasting event, a beer styles guide, ideas on food pairings and a quiz.
  • Tasting note cards for your guests so they can record how the different beers smell, look and taste (and which are their favourites).
  • An aroma wheel to get everyone thinking about aromas from floral to spicy as well as the taste and texture of each beer.
  • Six jars of ingredients so you can explore, sniff and touch different hops and malts.
  • An exclusive special offer on a case of mixed Cornish ales containing twelve 500ml bottles of our core range brews, including Lushingtons; Porthleven; Betty Stogs; Cornish Knocker and Hops ‘n’ Honey.

So, get in touch with our lovely team to have a chat about becoming a supplier and turning your team and customers into beer-tasting ninjas.

All hail the ale!