Skinner’s – Putting the community back into beer


Brewing isn’t just a process. Good beer is made by pouring your heart and soul into every pint.  At Skinner’s we do this by working with the best people and expertise in the area and luckily we don’t need to go far to find them.

The things we need to make great-tasting real ale are often just a stone’s throw away from where we live and work in Cornwall. Using the best the local area has to offer – including its people – is why we’re proud to say we run a community brewery.

We take a look at the local folk who put the passion into every pint and how we work with the local area to craft our beer, here in Cornwall.

A family-run affair
It all started back in 1997 with Steve Skinner. A chap armed only with his surname dreamed of setting up a community brewery in Cornwall. Fed up of drinking low-quality lagers produced by strangers, Steve wanted to bring the Cornish community together to make a better beer. He set up shop on the banks of the Truro River where our brewery is still based today. Steve is still very much involved and holds the esteemed title of Head Beer Taster – a position he’s very proud of!

A handpicked local team
The brewery has got a bit bigger since those days but we don’t just employ anyone – we hand pick a local bunch of passionate beer lovers. It’s a small but perfectly formed team which Steve still considers part of his extended family. We employ over 50 people in Cornwall providing local people with jobs as well as supporting local businesses which we’re proud to work with.

The heart of the community
Unlike the big breweries you won’t find us in a shiney mechanised and faceless factory – our brewery is full of personality – like our pints. The walls are covered in photographs, awards and our favourite beer-making memorabilia. It’s even got its own tap room where visitors and locals can sit side-by-side and watch us at work. Pop in and take a look – you can pick up a pint while you’re here!

Returning to the South West
We start each brew using Cornish water which gives each pint a refreshing, natural taste of Cornwall. And when the brew’s done we don’t waste a drop. We send the spent grain back to local farms to feed to their cows and they spread any beer spillages, old yeast and sediment onto their fields to help put nutrients back into the land!

Protecting our local environment
We love our local environment and do everything we can to protect it. We’re proud supporters of Surfers Against Sewage and know the problem that plastic can cause in the seas – especially around the Cornish coast. It’s why we package our bottles in biodegradable cardboard made using water-based ink. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 45% recycled material too. We take care with the resources we use to reduce our impact on the local community – whether that’s made up of fish, birds or local beach goers.

Opening our doors to everyone
You won’t find many big breweries who are willing to invite everyone in to have a chat about their beers. But here at Skinner’s you can pop in for a good old natter, sample a few pints and watch our brewers at work as we get hands-on, skimming every brew and cleaning out the mash tun by hand! It’s a real team effort but we’ve always got time to talk.

These are just some of the reasons why we’re proud to say we’re a true community brewery. After countless barrels and hundreds of awards later, our brewery has grown but remains part of the community in which we started. And it’s all with one purpose in mind – brewing the best beer in Cornwall!

Why not pop by and say hello? Book a brewery tour and see how we put heart and soul of the Cornish community into every pint.