Beers for Easter


When it comes to Easter, eggs aren’t the only answer. For real ale fans there’s nothing better than celebrating the long weekend than with a brew or two.

And we’ve got quite a selection for you: fine amber ales, hoppy pints and a smooth-drinking chocolatey stout to enjoy along with your usual Easter indulgence.

As an extra treat we’re offering you a case of 12 x Chocolate Milk Stouts for just £15.00* this Easter. Just enter the code EASTER19  at checkout, crack open and enjoy…

Chocolate Milk Stout – Limited Edition Ale Blazer
For chocolate lovers you can’t get better than our Chocolate Milk Stout! It’s a smooth-drinking pint with rich and velvety notes of chocolate and vanilla, finished with a hint of fruitiness too. We think it’s the perfect way for beer lovers to get their chocolate fix this Easter and enjoy alongside an egg or two! But be quick – this beauty is a one-off brew so you’ll have to catch it while you can!

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Hops ‘n’ Honey – Buzzin’ Honeyed Ale
This is a golden honey beer that welcomes in the warmer weather and puts a spring in your step. We’ve added a touch of honey to our hops to create Hops ‘n’ Honey – an amber ale which expertly balances both bitter and sweet flavours. Enjoy a pint and you’ll pick up florals beneath a delicate, spicy tangerine scent with a touch of toffee. It goes great with a chocolate fudge sundae too!

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Sennen – Cornish Session IPA
Rabbits are hoppy, right? Well that’s just like Sennen – our Cornish session IPA! We’ve created this extra hoppy Cornish session IPA by dry hopping the pale ale to create a brew with great hop intensity and flavour. Named after the Cornish surf break and popular holiday spot, Sennen IPA brings an early taste of summer – with hazy warm weather, beach walks and paddles in the sea. Sennen is a session strength IPA with zesty notes of lemon and pineapple enhanced with the bittersweet kick of pink grapefruit. It’s a nice companion to enjoy your first outing to the beer garden.

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Betty Stogs – Brazen Cornish Bitter
We love a leg of lamb when it comes to Easter. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with your loved ones for a real roast. And when it comes to a beer to enjoy alongside it Betty Stogs is the perfect partner. Full-bodied and a little fruity, it’s so good it’s won more awards nationally and locally than any other Cornish beer! It’s a copper coloured ale with a light, malty aroma, a floral, even cedar taste and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit. This award-winning bitter has the strength of character to take on any Easter roast.

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With this little lot you’ll be sorted for Easter – it’s easy to crack open one of these while you unwrap your easter egg. And there’s plenty more to choose from too! All of these lovely brews and more are available to buy from our online shop.