Get in the Six Nations spirit at home with a lockdown rugby party!

  • Posted on 26th January 2021

With the Six Nations set to go ahead, we’ve come up with some ideas to make the most of the occasion. Even if you’re not the world’s biggest rugby fan, this is a chance to celebrate an international sporting event actually happening, a rare occurrence these days.

In the spirit of embracing unity in adversity, we encourage you to find something or someone to cheer loudly for in every match – after all, what other outlet do we have right now!

So, load your fridge with your favourite Skinner’s beers (have you stocked up with our special offer? Time to get on the case!) and form an orderly scrum in front of the TV. You’ll need your Zoom crew on hand too to really make the most of this great sporting occasion, lockdown-style!

  1. Adopt a second team

We all want our home nation to finish try-umphant but tough times call for a bit more love-thy-neighbour, so we recommend forming a deep and meaningful relationship with a second nation. More tries to cheer, more refereeing decisions to remonstrate with, more commiseration beer to drink…

It’s no secret where our loyalties lie, but who will be our second team?

  1. Dig out a Zoom outfit to put a smile on their faces

Put some effort into your virtual gathering by asking everyone to don team colours, or come up with a fancy dress theme for each week. The most dedicated might reach for the face paints, while the rest of us might simply choose a t-shirt to match our beer…

Get into the spirit with beer-themed merch!

  1. Get creative with your virtual background

Transport yourself to the stadium, or your ultimate rugby-watching location, by downloading a free zoom background. You can even add filters and stickers to entertain your crew during lulls in the action…

Zoom to your ultimate rugby-watching destination

  1. Plan appropriate snacks

For each match select your snacks according to who’s playing. For Italy it’s obvious and unbeatable – pizza. If France are playing how about a huge platter of French cheeses, bread and saucisson? If you all have time on your hands, choose a dish for everyone to cook beforehand and compare the results!

  1. Try out your commentary skills

Switch off the match commentary and take it in turns to deliver your own voice-over, prizes for the person who gets the most laughs!

Always fancied yourself as a commentator? Now’s your chance!

  1. Learn a new national anthem

Again getting into the spirit of togetherness, pick national anthems from a hat; every time that team plays you have to stand up and give it your all!

  1. Try a pre-match or half time quiz

Everyone has to prepare five rugby-themed questions, whoever gets the most correct is bought a case of beer by the rest of the crew!

Test your rugby knowledge with a quick-fire quiz

  1. Choose your next mates break

Come up with a shortlist of destinations within the Six Nations for your next mates holiday. At half-time during the final match take a poll and select a winner – you might not be taking that holiday for a while but at least you’ll have something to look forward to!

Dream up plans for your next group trip…

  1. Get yourself beer-ready!

Whether your crew has a firm favourite, or you’re all up for ordering mixed cases and tucking in, make sure you take advantage of our current deal. Cases of 12 bottles are just £21 including delivery (that’s the equivalent of 3 bottles free in each case!) so why not let Skinner’s be part of your Six Nations tournament crew!

Stock up ready for weeks of rugby action!