How we brew a good eco-beer


At Skinner’s we like to do our bit for the environment. And, because we’re based in Cornwall, we do everything we can to help preserve our beautiful, natural surroundings.

That’s anything from reducing wastage, conserving energy and protecting the amazing beaches and seas on our doorstep.

It means we can all enjoy a pint guilt free (well almost!).

Here are just a few things we do to help produce a good eco-beer:

Run a circular economy

We believe in a circular economy which means not just using things once. We recycle and reuse the resources we use to give them a little extra life. For us this means mixing our old hops and spent grain with spoilt beer left in casks, spillages, yeast and sediment to create lovely pig swill for local farmers to feed their animals. We’ve even looking at ways of using old grain and pallet wrap to create new products!

Reduce waste and water use

We don’t like spillages of any kind (beer based or not!). This means we’ve changed the way our casks are stored to help reduce waste. It’s also reduced the amount of water we use to keep the brewery mess-free! And we’re mad advocates of recycling and reusing – by doing this we’ve reduced our waste from 2,200 litres a week to just 1,100 litres of rubbish every three weeks!

Use recyclable bottles and sustainable packaging

Our bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 45% recycled material. And we don’t use lots of plastic packaging either. We know the problem that plastic wrapping can cause for wildlife in the seas – especially around Cornwall. So as a proud supporter of Surfers Against Sewage we package our bottles in biodegradable cardboard made using water-based paint.

Brew energy-efficient beer

Brewing can be a thirsty work – not just in terms of the beer we drink but the energy we use too. We track how much energy we use per brew – it keeps us constantly thinking of new ways to more environmentally-friendly beer and reduce our use of electricity and gas.

Control our carbon footprint

As a smaller, family-run business our carbon footprint is smaller than some of the bigger breweries. We use local ingredients which means we’re not shipping them across the country which produces more pollution. You’ll also see all our vans and lorries proudly displaying a sign for ‘Clean Cornwall’ – an organisation which promotes and arranges litter picks that help to keep our county clean!

Make The Old Ale House greener

And it’s not just the brewery we’re focused on when it comes to the protecting the environment. We’re in the process of going plastic free at The Old Ale House. They’ve already swapped out plastic straws for biodegradable ones and are looking at what else they can do to be a greener establishment!

These are just a few of the small steps we’ve taken build a better environment and produce eco-friendly beer. Together they’ve created a big change in the way the team think and what we do. And we believe that this extra love and consideration means we brew a better pint. But don’t just take our word for it – pop down the brewery and see for yourself.

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