In Cornwall, it’s #SkinnersFirst!

  • Posted on 21st May 2021

We’re officially launching our new #SkinnersFirst campaign this week, as beer lovers across the Nation are finally able to enjoy the inside of a pub again!

We all know that Jam First is an unshakable belief here in Cornwall. Every now and then the old Devon/Cornwall rivalry is reasserted, and blundering bystanders make regrettable errors. The team at Sainsbury’s recently fell foul of the, ahem, ‘under currant’ of tension by daring to suggest that the jam actually went after the cream, not before! There was hell up’ but they took it well, issuing the statement: “Our afternoon tea has all scone wrong in Truro!”

However, a new mantra is now taking hold as soggy scones are abandoned in chilly gardens across the country and we all head back to the pub. After loyal Skinner’s fans rallied around the brewery in our darkest hour, we’re asking you to back us once again. Let the shout go up – ‘make mine a Skinner’s first’ – in bars and pub gardens across the land!

During our recent Crowdfunder campaign, we were emphatically reminded what Skinner’s means to Cornwall. More than a brewery, you’ll always find Skinner’s at the heart of the action, dispensing the best Cornish beers and giving back to our community.

Which is why, now that we’re in the recovery phase, you’ll be seeing #SkinnersFirst posters popping up all over the place as we celebrate the fact that we’re still around! Stevie Gee, the original designer of our Porthleven brand and artist for the likes of Adidas, Vans, Patagonia and Stella McCartney, has done us proud with the updated version above – we think you’ll agree he’s nailed it.

So, next time you’re in your favourite pub, be sure to ask for a pint of Skinner’s cask or keg beer above all else, and tag us in your pics as you enjoy a #SkinnersFirst!