Amazing Real Ale World Records


Everyone loves a challenge. And there are some pretty outstanding feats of ingenuity, strength and sheer bloody-minded determination when it comes to world records involving drink.

We take a look at the lengths that dedicated drinkers have gone to in order to claim a real ale world record!

Largest Beer Mat Structure

Using no adhesive of any kind, the largest beer mat structure stood at 70,000 beermats and was built by Sven Goebel in Germany on 16 August 2004. It measured 3m (9 ft 10 in) tall and 5m (16ft 4in) wide. But it wasn’t just any structure – it was a house with its own rooms and furniture!

Longest Bar

The longest permanent continuous bar can be found in The Beer Barrel Saloon, Ohio in the U.S. Measuring a staggering 23.7m (405ft 10in) long, the bar is fitted with 56 beer taps and surrounded by 160 bar stools. Getting a space at that bar shouldn’t be a problem!

Picture: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records

Largest Glass of Beer

The largest glass of beer contained 2,082 litres (457.99 gallons or 3,664 pints) and was poured in Halifax in the U.K on 6th July 2014. The glass measured 2.23m (7ft 4in) tall with a diameter of 1.12m (3 ft 8 in) and took one hour to fill!

Most Beer Glasses Carried

This is a record every pub-goer has tried to beat while trying to navigate their way from the bar to a table! The actual winner is a German waiter who carried 27, one litre steins of beer for 40 metres. The record holder Oliver Struempfl says he trained at the gym for the record-breaking attempt.

Longest Beer Crawl

Three British beer-loving pals visited a record-breaking 20,000 pubs on the world’s longest pub crawl. They spent £182,000, drank almost 50,000 ales and the incredible milestone meant visiting a pub every week for the last 33 years!

Most Beer Mats Flipped

Now this must have taken some practice! An aptly named contender Mat Hand, flipped and caught a pile of 112 beer mats on 9th May 2001 in Nottingham. That’s certainly something we’re sure a few punters will try and emulate on a messy night out!

Farthest Beer Bottle Slide

The farthest beer bottle slide is 1,410.4cm (46ft 3.27in) and was achieved by Jeffrey Ng Tiong Boon in Singapore. Just practicing for the world record attempt must have involved a lot of spilt beer and broken glass.

Largest Collection of Beer Bottles

The largest collection of beer bottles belongs to Ron Werner in the US and consists of 25,866 individual beer bottles as of 27 January 2012. With a collection like that you’d be a bit embarrassed about putting those out on recycling day!

Smallest Commercial Brewery

You’ll find the world’s smallest commercial brewery near Aberystwyth in Wales. The Bragdy Gwynant brewery is in Capel Bangor and has a maximum brewing capacity of 40.9 litres per batch, and supplies the adjacent Tynllidiart Arms pub exclusively!

Largest Selection of Real Ales

There were over 640 different beers at Nottingham Castle for the Robin Hood Beer Festival setting the world record for the Largest Selection of Real Ales. Now that’s enough choice for any festival-loving real ale connoisseur!

Reading all of these has certainly given us a few challenges to contend with on a night out! And if you’re up for a bit of research before you take on an attempt yourself, then visit a local pub that offers a pint of Skinner’s to practice with!

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*All records accurate at time of publication!