Love Cornwall? Love Skinner’s Beer? Then we need YOU!


Brighter times are coming, but things have been touch and go for Skinner’s during the pandemic. Help us get over the final hurdle – we’d love to be there for you in the sunshine-filled, Lushingtons kind-of-days ahead!

We’re not going to put a glossy PR spin on this. Covid has left us running on empty here at Skinner’s, and we need your help to survive. Which is why we have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign this March, and pinned all our hopes on success!

For us specifically, 2020 was a perfect storm. Covid hit just as the business was in a key transition phase, leaving us extremely vulnerable.

We’ve made it this far – within grasping distance of spring 2021 and the reopening of Britain’s wonderful pubs. We can almost hear the first pints being poured… But we need YOU, our loyal Skinner’s crew, to carry us over the final hurdle and into that bright future, where we can all raise a pint together!

In case saving your favourite band of Cornish brewers wasn’t enough, we’ve come up with some awesome rewards to show our appreciation. Take a look – there’s something for everyone!

Why do we need your help?

Every week has felt like a marathon since March 2020 as we’ve battled some scary scenarios, all the while fearing for the future of our iconic brewery and close-knit team.

Short of 70% of our turnover for essentially a year, we are officially running on empty!

Enough of the sob-story, let’s turn the challenge on its head…

On the plus side, we have survived so far by the skin of our teeth; our pride may be a little battered but our independence, aspiration and passion is intact.

We want to turn this incredibly tough experience into a positive, using this moment to reset and move forward with greater clarity and purpose than ever before. For example, we’re determined to invest in a canning line to open up a whole new world of possibilities – just think of the fun we could have together!

So, what’s the plan?

We’re aiming to raise a minimum of £100,000 – enough to help keep us operational until the pubs reopen and our income begins to pick up again.

The idea is that this will give us a cash injection to start brewing a wider range of beers for you to drink once again. Basically, we want your help to take us from surviving to thriving!

Exclusive rewards available

We’ve put our heads together and come up with a range of rewards which offer bang for buck. From an exclusive release of Chapel Rock (in bottles – new and exclusively for Crowdfunder supporters) and early access to fresh merch, to post-Covid party invites, there are experiences here that only your generous support for the brewery can buy.

Now is the time to help save our Skinner’s, so that we can raise a pint with you in the future! May Betty bless you all x