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Beers for Easter

When it comes to Easter, eggs aren’t the only answer. Take a look at our pick of hoppy beers and fine amber ales to enjoy this Easter and get 20% off our Chocolate Milk Stout too...Read more

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Real ale for real mums

If your mum knows her beer then we’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. A choice of delicious beers to suit every palate, ranging from ales with floral…Read more

Thumbnail for Beer festivals of the world

Beer festivals of the world

When it comes to beer festivals don’t assume you’ll need to don some lederhosen and start brushing up on your German. While Oktoberfest is well known, there are some equally amazing beerfests happening every month, worldwide...Read more

Thumbnail for The myths and legends behind our beers

The myths and legends behind our beers

Find out about the stories that have inspired our beers. We delve into Cornish folklore to tell you about Cornwall's most famous myths and legends - and we're not just talking about the antics of Steve Skinner! Read more

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The best beer podcasts

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, on the train or walking the dog, stick on a beer podcast. They’ll provide you with hours of entertainment and let you brush up on your beer knowledge. We take a look at some of our favourite beer podcasts. Read more

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