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Skinner’s loves…

Find out which of our beers ranks as our staffs favourite. It’s a tough choice with so many lovely ales on offer at Skinner’s!Read more

Thumbnail for Our seasonal heroes

Our seasonal heroes

We’ve created some mouth watering seasonal ales just for you. We have really shown off our skills and provide you with a real taste of the seasons. Read more

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Things you never knew about Skinner’s

If you’re a Skinner’s fan, you might know a lot about us already but we think there’s still plenty to learn. Find out the things our team think not a lot of people know about Skinner’s.Read more

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Only the best beer ingredients

Skinners will only ever put the finest ingredients into our beers. Water, malted barley, hops and yeast are the four key ingredients. Find out our secrets to how we make our beer so yummy!Read more

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