Thumbnail for Three Chords Punk Music Festival

Three Chords Punk Music Festival

Inspired by punk bands playing here in the seventies, the Trereife Estate hosts a famous music festival celebrating the best punk in the country. Read more

Thumbnail for Stithians Show

Stithians Show

A truly memorable show for the whole family with music, food, crafts, animals and fairground plus our Skinner's bar.Read more

Thumbnail for London Craft Beer Festival

London Craft Beer Festival

The ultimate beer collaboration, this craft beer event over two days is a celebration of flavour and discovery, which is why we love this festival so much.Read more

Thumbnail for Fal Shanty Festival 2016

Fal Shanty Festival 2016

A spectacular music festival in Falmouth with hours of shanty singing and plenty of ale on tap for you to enjoy with the singing. Read more

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