Cornish Trawler was brewed as a truly quaffable ale – a session-strength beer with a malty base. Complemented by Skinner’s renowned expertise with hop flavours, it’s made with Cornish water; whole-flower Celeia, Target and Aurora hops; Cornish malted barley and wheat; and Skinner’s unique yeast.

Taste notes

A strong malty flavour is balanced by the floral hops, with a peppering of liquorice and lemon, and pine touches. This is a proper session beer, good with fish, as you might expect, as well as cured meats or a properly hot vindaloo.


If you’ve been out at sea since before dawn and all you’ve tasted is the north Atlantic, it could all seem gloom and doom, bar that one thought of settling down with a good, honest ale when you bring the day’s catch into harbour. An ale like Cornish Trawler – it’s our tribute to fishing folk, with its bittersweet malty taste and sharp, golden colour. Why not join them? They’re a friendly bunch, especially if you’re buying.


Alex T Frazer’s tattoo-inspired designs perfectly complement this ale. He’s worked with many musical artists including Mogwai, The Drowning Men and Ben Folds Five.