Penny Come Quick is a Cornish milk stout brewed seasonally using a fine combination of Cornish water; whole flower Northdown hops; Mount Hood hop; pale malt; crystal malt; and chocolate malt.

Taste notes

Available seasonally cask

This deep dark, smooth drinking Cornish milk stout is packed with deep flavours and  your nose will pick up coffee and chocolate while your tongue will be treated to a bitter-sweetness with a touch of the florals. Try it with oysters, cured meats and the odd chocolate coin.


Penny Come Quick was the name Falmouth harbour went by centuries ago and, like many of the characters who passed through the town in those days, beneath the smooth, dark exterior of this ale there lies a heart of pure gold. Real 24 carat treasure. Just taste it to see.


Chris Odgers has captured the spirit of our Cornish Stout with his fine ink illustration. A Cornish artist, Odgers has tackled everything from album covers and graphic novels to large scale wall installations and commissions from private collectors.

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