This seasonal session ale was simply inspired by the beautiful game of rugby. Whether its a small club match or the World Cup, this is the perfect accompaniment to watching a game in the pub with friends. Refreshingly zesty, and made with the best malted barley and wheat, it’s always worth a try.

Taste notes

Tropical fruits with lemon notes singing out. Especially refreshing when coupled with spicy food, shellfish or a juicy cheeseburger.


What rugby player wouldn’t like to get their hands on some Splendid Tackle after a hard day playing with their oddly shaped balls? That’s why we brew the classically English-style golden ale for those wonky line-out throws, bad referee calls and hard-won tries. Form an orderly scrum at the bar!


Splendid Tackle’s sterling design comes from the talented illustrator Chris Rixion, a specialist in traditional pen and ink drawing who has had his work published in New York and Sydney as well as the UK.