Unleash the Towans!


When it comes to lager you don’t need to compromise on taste – a carefully crafted lager can be a thing of beauty.

We’ve taken inspiration from the beautiful coastline near our brewery to create Towans – a dry-hopped lager that is as golden as our Cornish beaches with a taste as refreshing as the Atlantic ocean.

Towans is the Cornish word for sand dunes, they are unrivalled places to relax hidden from the winds that whip the coastline. Beat a retreat to the towans and you can bask in the sunshine, enjoy a beach bbq or simply watch the world drift by.

Towans lager gives you a lighter refreshing pint, bursting with character and crafted with the same skill and care our brewers give our ales. Like the Cornish dune-scape, Towans is crafted over time and shaped by nature. We use Chinook, Saaz and Rakau hops to develop flavour and wheat malt to craft a distinctive foamy head like the Atlantic waves hitting our shores.

It’s a lager for those who like a distinctly hoppier taste – dry-hopped at fermentation stage to retain the hoppy aroma that a pint of Skinner’s is famous for. The care we put into crafting this lager means it’s packed with fruity flavours and a refreshing citrus zing that quenches the thirst on a hot summer’s day.

And when it comes to enjoying it we believe the beach is best – it’s a 4.4% ABV means it can be enjoyed at leisure. Whether Towans is drunk amongst the dunes or at the bar upcountry, let the taste transport you to the wild Cornish coast in an instant.

As you can tell we can’t wait to introduce you to our proudly crafted and powerfully refreshing lager!

Towans is available in 330ml bottles from mid-July.

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