Our pledge to YOU!

  • Posted on 4th March 2021

Amazing, incredible, remarkable, speechless…

Just a few of the words being bandied around here at Skinner’s HQ right now, as we digest the news that our Crowdfunding Campaign to keep us going until May reached its target in just FOUR DAYS!

We were nervous about putting our Crowdfunding Campaign out there, knowing how many people and businesses are struggling right now. As Steve has said in his many interviews over the last few days, it’s never easy admitting that you need help.

However, it seems we needn’t have worried! Not only have you understood the difficulties we face in these times, but you have supported and shared our campaign with a generosity beyond our wildest dreams. We’ll be reading the wonderful comments you’ve left us for many weeks to come.

So, what’s next? 

Given the incredible support and the many great rewards still being ferociously snapped up (both the Beer In The Bank & Beer For A Year rewards have been restocked), we are being nudged to think bigger.

For us, the £100k we’ve raised so far is to pay bills, buy ingredients, build up stock ready for summer and increase staff levels so that we can operate properly again.

However, going from surviving to thriving is another matter.

Any project we embark on with the extra money raised needs to give back to the community which has supported us so emphatically, so here is our Stretch Target Announcement…

Our Pledge To YOU!

We’ve decided to prioritise a dream project to give something back to our local supporters.

With any extra cash we now raise on Crowdfunder we want to create an outdoor dining and drinking space by the waterside here in Newham, where locals and visitors to the brewery can come and eat, drink, socialise and party on a regular basis!

We’re thinking pop-up food outlets, our freshest brews on tap, and regular live music events – all within striking distance of the city centre. The plan will not only create a buzzing new social space in Truro – much needed we feel – but also create jobs and opportunities for others, including Cornwall’s amazing food businesses and the music performers who have struggled throughout the pandemic.

So, with that in mind, keep pledging and shouting about the amazing rewards on offer over on our Crowdfunder page, and let’s see where this takes us!