Our untameable ale in a can!


How do you improve on perfection? Put it in a can!

We’re now proud to say that us beer-loving folk at Skinner’s have done just that. Porthleven is our first ale to be canned and 66 lucky Tesco stores in the South West will be the first to stock it  – a double first for our untameable pale ale!  

Porthleven has always been a trail-blazing ale, it was the first beer in Cornwall to use American Citra hops, giving the beer its fantastic zingy character.  The straw-coloured brew won the crown of CAMRA Champion Golden Ale of the South West back in 2014, so we think it well deserves its next big break as Skinner’s first canned product.   

And for any doubters, never fear! Porthleven tastes just as good in cans as it does on draught and in bottles – this is something our brewers wanted to be certain of before releasing it. The strong citrus aromas kick off the moment the ring is pulled and the familiar zip of lemon and lime pops in the mouth from the very first sip. 

We’re pretty pleased with the look of our new cans too.  Back in 2016 each of our beers had a complete redesign. For zesty, zippy Porthleven we worked with underground artist Stevie Gee, a skate-style London based illustrator who’s worked for the likes of Paul Smith, Vans, Nike and the Archie Bronson Outfit. The stand out orange and electric blue will make Porthleven cans hard to miss on the shelves.  So if you find yourself in Tesco aisles in the south west, keep your eyes peeled for the familiar pop-art styling of the iconic white wave and the recognisable surfing figure in the foreground.  

But excitement aside, let’s take a look at the real benefits realised by the satisfying flick of a metal ring pull…

Putting our beer in cans is much better for the environment – a pledge to reduce our carbon footprint that is being fulfilled by small changes at our brewery which are all leading to a lesser impact on our planet. Cans are far more efficient and lighter to transport which means reduced pollution from lorries on the road. 

We are selling slabs of 24 Porthleven 330ml cans via our online shop, so you can still get yourselves stocked up if you’re not lucky enough to find yourself in stumbling distance from Tesco aisles.  Cans are lighter than bottles too, so your postage will cost less when you add a slab to your order. Which means you can buy even more beer with a clearer conscience.

And don’t forget we’re not moving away from bottles any time soon, but we know that cans offer convenience – both when out and about enjoying the Cornish coastline and when filling the fridge at home. So stand back and rejoice in the wonder which is the can – we salute your handiness, seek cool refuge from your chilled sides on a hot summer’s day and will bound effortlessly down the street with even lighter shopping bags from Tesco…

Shop for a slab of 24 Porthleven cans online now