Our seasonal heroes


Outside our core beer range we love to let our expert brewers loose to show off their skills. That’s how they’ve crafted a range of special AleBlazers and Seasonal brews that provide you with a real taste of the seasons….

Cornish Trawler in summer

Drink a summer toast to our fishing folk with a glass of Cornish Trawler. It’s the perfect brew to sup on warm summer days. A strong malty flavour is balanced by the floral hops, with a peppering of liquorice, lemon and pine touches. Great with fish, as you might expect, as well as cured meats or to cool down a hot vindaloo.

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Splendid Tackle for the 6 Nations

When the funny shaped balls come out so does Splendid Tackle – our try-umphant golden ale. At 4.2% ABV  it’s the perfect session ale to drink with pals whilst you watch the game. Form an orderly scrum at the bar, please!

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The Green Hop of autumn

As the season of mellow fruitfulness turns things golden for harvest, we head to Worcester to pick fresh green hops from the field for Green Hop, our autumn AleBlazer. The fresh hops need to be used within 24 hours so we drive them back to Truro overnight for a next day date with the mash tun. We don’t know how this beer will taste until we try it – so Green Hop is always a fantastic new flavour experience.

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Jingle Knocker for Christmas

When the Jingle Knocker comes knocking you’re in for a treat. With a 5.5%ABV this strong ale brings wintery caramel biscuit, orange peel and Christmas pudding spices to the discerning winter drinker.

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A Christmas Fairy for winter

Christmas Fairy, our magical pale festive ale, is as crisp and refreshing as a winter walk, with a wonderfully light, hoppy and enchanting finish. It’s a unique session beer with a very drinkable ABV of 3.9%. Takes you to the top of the tree!

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Sennen in spring

Get totally tropical with the grapefruit, pineapple and lemon notes of our spring Aleblazer. Named for the Cornish surf break and popular holiday spot, Sennen has a light 3.8% ABV and uses a range of hops from around the world, including a New Zealand variety, beautifully balanced with pale Cornish malt. Zingy!

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Find your nearest AleBlazer pint

Our AleBlazers are special short-run brews so they’re only served up in casks, not into bottles. That means you have to drink them old fashioned style… in the pub. Use our map to find your nearest venue serving our sensational seasonal brews: https://www.skinnersbrewery.com/our-beers/where-to-buy/

Stock our AleBlazers

Enhance the flavour of the seasons for your customers with our speciality AleBlazer brews. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out what we’re brewing right now: https://www.skinnersbrewery.com/contact-us/