Christmas Gifts for beer lovers


It’s that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner and finding the perfect pressies can be difficult. Unless your special someone likes a good ale, in which case we’ve got you covered right here. And, with a little luck, you’ll be able to help them drink their pressie, too.  

Under a tenner

Gift pack of three ales: Three bottles of great beer. Sorted. Choose from Betty Stogs, Cornish Knocker, Porthleven, Lushingtons, Hops ‘n’ Honey and River Cottage. Price: £5.70

Skinner’s Brewery pint glass: For the perfect serve every time, it has to be a Skinner’s Brewery pint glass. Price: £2.40

Under twenty quid

The Beer Trainer: Our beer tasting toolkit brings all our expert beer-tasting knowledge together providing everything you need to host a tasting including detailed guide, beer ingredients, tasting cards, beer quiz and aroma wheel. Price: £19.99

Beer, pint glass and t-shirt gift pack: Give a beautiful gift pack of two ales of your choice, a special Skinner’s Brewery pint glass, and a super-soft cotton t-shirt. Price: £15.20

Beer growler and a voucher for more beer: Our growler is a thing of beauty. Add a voucher for more beer and you’ve got the best present ever. Price: starts at £17.00

Under fifty quid

Case of ale and matching t-shirt: Can’t decide between giving your beer-loving friend or relative a beautiful t-shirt or a case of craft ale? Fear not, now you can do both! Price: £31.75

Brewery tour for four people: Our brewery tours are a chance to get immersed in a brewery in action. Book a tour to learn the secrets of our master brewers and enjoy a special beer tasting. Price: £34.00

18-pint polypin: What’s better than your favourite beer? Lot’s of your favourite beer, of course! Price: £38.65

Skinner’s Brewery’s ultimate beer lover’s gift pack: Here it is. The one you’ve been waiting for. The ultimate beer-lover’s gift that we know, secretly, you’d actually love to buy for yourself. This epic gift contains a 12-bottle mixed case featuring all of our delicious ales, two Skinner’s t-shirts and two Skinner’s pint glasses to ensure you get the perfect serve every time. What more could anyone ask for? Price: £44.05

Order your gifts online

All of these great gifts are available to order online at the Skinner’s shop. Just visit our shop.