Six reasons why it’s good to support your local brewery


When it comes to buying beers there are a lot of options. You can go for a well-known brand you’ll find anywhere, pop to the supermarket to find a deal or choose a local brewery.

But why choose a local brewery when it might not be your most convenient option? We take a look at six reasons why supporting your local brewery is best.

1.We use quality ingredients

We don’t just put anything into our beers – our brewers use the best quality and freshest ingredients possible. We source whole-flower hops and the finest Cornish ingredients to make a better quality pint.

2. You can support your local economy

When you buy local then the money stays local. We employ over 40 people in Cornwall providing local people with jobs. Supporting a brewery near you helps grow the local economy and helps grow the local businesses we work with.

3. We’re better for the planet

Because local breweries are smaller in size it means our carbon footprint is smaller which is great news for the environment! And because we’re located in Cornwall we do everything to help protect our beautiful surroundings. This includes using plastic-free packaging, turning old hops and grain into animal food and drastically reducing our water wastage and energy consumption.

4. We brew with pride

Try walking into an international brewery and asking them to chat to you – they won’t sit down and explain what they do and why they brew. We love inviting people in, showing them how we brew and having a good old natter about our beers.

5. We give you choice and variety

We love giving customers our award-winning brews that we’re famed for but we also brew limited-edition beers. Because brewing is our passion we’re constantly experimenting and trying new recipes, hops and ingredients like the ones we use for our limited edition AleBlazer range. It means we can give our customers more choice and a wide variety of great quality beers.

6. Life is short

Life’s too short to be drinking low quality beer produced by strangers. Instead it’s time to enjoy a good quality ale from local people who take pride in what they do. We brew beer because we love it and we want to share it with you!

If these six reasons don’t make you pick up a local pint they we don’t know what will! So next time you’re faced with the choice of which beer to opt for then go local. Supporting a local brewery benefits everyone!

If you’d like to know more then drop in and see us at the brewery. We’re true to our word which means you can book one of our brewery tours any time. We’d love to have a chat, show you what we do and give you a proper taste of our beers. And if you’ve got any questions we want to answer them – it’s just that 20 minutes after you asked we might be still talking!

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