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Start with the ingredients

It all begins with our brewer’s recipe and barley, which is malted at Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire, a malthouse that still produces malt in the traditional way.

Mash in the tun

Our select barley, or ‘grist’ as we call it, is mixed with hot Cornish water and left to mash in our tun, where our sweet amber liquor starts to develop and evolve its colours, sugars and flavours.

Sparging the mash

The mash is then sparged and liquor, now known as ‘wort’, is drained off to to be boiled in our beautiful, and much-admired, traditional copper.

Infuse with hops

Once in our copper, each ale starts to come into its own with whole-flower hops added at different stages, giving each ale its unique bitterness, aroma and flavour.

Open fermentation

After boiling, infusing and separating, the wort is cooled before our Skinner’s yeast is introduced in large open fermenters. This yeast will work its magic over the next seven days converting the sugar into alcohol and bringing huge amounts of flavour too.

Condition with care

Our tanks allow our ale to condition and mature for just the right amount of time, in just the right place, before we bottle, keg and cask it for the world to enjoy.

Racked for our loyal customers

Perfectly conditioned, it's racked into casks and bottles and delivered to the world’s most discerning hostelries and retailers.

Nothing is wasted

All our spent grain is fed to lucky local cattle, and the leftover hops are spread as fertiliser.