We’re like a busy, bustling family, brewing our ales with care, supporting our fantastic stockists when they need it and working together to get our beer to everyone in perfect condition. And, always with a smile.

As a team, we’re dedicated to making sure that every time you drink one of our ales you know you’re drinking Skinner’s. Our people are what set us apart, defining our reputation and aspirations. Here are just a few of the people who every day come to work to create, brew and deliver the perfect ale.

Steve Skinner photograph

Steve Skinner


Everyday: I am driving the business forward with a focus on our biggest asset. The beer. Whether it's working on new recipes, conducting a brewery tour or serving beer at an event, I'm always listening to our friends and followers to make sure we're the best we can be.

Loves: Cornwall, and seeing the brewery grow and grow. Making a positive contribution to the local economy and community through our team's shared vision, without taking ourselves too seriously, makes me very happy.

Stuart Hughes photograph

Stuart Hughes

Sales Manager

Everyday: As National Accounts Manager, I work closely looking after our wholesalers, retailers and pub co's to ensure every cask, pint and bottle they sell is perfect.

Loves: Meeting all our excellent retail buyers, landlords and bar managers who serve our beer so well makes me very happy. As a Skinner's fan, it's an honour to talk about my favourite subject each and every day.

Tristan Thornton photograph

Tristan Thornton

General Manager

Everyday: I'm kept busy organising our weekly brewing schedule, wholesale deliveries and bottling of our beers. Reporting on our sales and stock levels is also my domain.

Loves: Seeing all our beer flying out to our customers everyday is fantastic. Beer production is a complicated business and its brilliant when it all goes to plan.

Matt Mills photograph

Matt Mills

Transport Manager

Everyday: I make sure our ale gets to our customers in good condition and on time. This means keeping the depot and our fleet of vehicles in pristine condition. We wouldn't want our customers to be kept waiting for our precious cargo!

Loves: Working out the routes for the team so they can get to all our customers as swiftly as possible. Knowing I'm helping the country get their hands on our beer makes me proud and happy.

Donna Edwards photograph

Donna Edwards

Customer Support

Everyday: I take customers orders for their beer and organise beer deliveries all around the country to our wholesalers as well as all our local pubs, clubs and restaurants. We support local and national charities through donations and I assist with co-ordinating this. I stay in touch with our customers to answer any questions and ensure they are serving our beer at its best. I also make sure our traders have all the Skinner's Brewery materials they need to introduce their customers to our fantastic beer.

Loves: Working with such an enthusiastic team. Everyone at Skinner's lives for ale and I love to share that passion with our customers.

Simon Lewis photograph

Simon Lewis

Head Brewer

Everyday: I am tirelessly developing recipes for our beer. I source the best raw ingredients, oversee the brewing and, of course, taste all the beer before it leaves the brewery.

Loves: Making a fine product and working with such an excellent, bright team, united by our love for good beer.

Terry Wilson photograph

Terry Wilson

Technical Support

Everyday: I work closely with the trade everyday. Whether I'm installing a new account, setting up a bar at an event or helping clean equipment, I always love providing assistance to our customers.

Loves: Taking pride in the fact that I'm helping our loyal customers to maintain their equipment to a high standard. This means I know they're always going to be serving the best possible beer. Happy customers make me happy.

Robin Lawson photograph

Robin Lawson

Manager, Old Ale House

Everyday: I manage the Old Ale House, Skinner's tap room in Cornwall. This means training the team, managing the bar and restaurant, and keeping all our customers happy.

Loves: Seeing our customers happy at the end of the evening is a joy. Our tap room provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy one or two of our ales.

Mike Job photograph

Mike Job

Lead Brewer

Everyday: I work with the team to brew the perfect ale and keep everything running smoothly. This means overseeing the brewing process, maintaining equipment and lots of cleaning. I also train and teach others in the team.

Loves: Brewing a product that's enjoyed by so many people in Cornwall and the rest of the country. It's a great feeling.

Louise Skinner photograph

Louise Skinner

Customer Support

Everyday: I support our customers with technical services to make sure everything is working well and they're happy. I also take orders, set up new accounts and take people on tours of the brewery.

Loves: The fact that no day is ever the same. I love speaking to customers and helping as a tour guide, sharing what we do and how we do it. Our customers feel like part of the business. They are such a lovely bunch!

Will Marchant photograph

Will Marchant


Everyday: My day-to-day is spent maintaining the hundreds of already great relationships that Skinner's Brewery have made over the last (almost) 20 years, telling them all about the current and future beers. At the same time I am always on the lookout for new customers. Driving all over Cornwall to some stunning places is such a hard life!

Loves: I love meeting the people who champion and sell our beer through various pubs, restaurants, clubs, cafes and shops and also looking for new venues to take our beer and cider. I also really enjoy giving advice and training on all that Skinner's Brewery offer.

Ruby Langley photograph

Ruby Langley

Customer Support

Everyday: I support our lovely customers taking orders, sorting out deliveries and make sure our beer gets to the right place at the right time.

Loves: I love being part of such a friendly & enthusiastic team, every day is different and never boring! We all work so well together to make sure all the customers are happy. Born and bred in a little Cornish fishing village I love Cornwall and I enjoy working for such an iconic Cornish brand.