The green hops are here!


It’s that time of year again – when we head upcountry to collect the freshest, greenest hops picked straight from the vines of English hop farms to craft our annually awaited Green Hop Autumn ale. 

The chance to brew with fresh green hops doesn’t come around often – these beauties can only be picked for a four-week period from early September. Once they’re gone, that’s it – we’re back to drying hops in kilns which gives beer a more familiar flavour that can be found during the rest of the year. 

Brewing with fresh green hops gives beer a taste like no other –  a grassy and light-coloured brew with citrus notes and a zesty undertone that sums up late summer. There’s a thirst-quenching bitterness to this pint too – the type of taste that makes you go for another sup as soon as you’ve put your glass down. We don’t overpower the taste of fresh green hops with too much malt either – we let their unique taste shine through in a delicate pale ale with a refreshing aroma.

But brewing with fresh green hops means we need to work against the clock. Mother Nature only gives us a short window in which to brew before the fresh hops start to spoil and lose their resins and oils – it’s why we insist on using them within 24 hours of when they’re picked. Our dedication is such that we drive up to Worcestershire overnight from Truro to bring these beauties back for a next-day-date in Cornwall with the Skinner’s mash tun.  The excitement is not over once the lorry arrives back in Cornwall though.  Our brewers have to use their experience to work with an entirely unique taste profile that’s individual to each harvest and means you’ll never quite know what you’ll get until the brew is done.

Brewers love putting their knowledge and skill to the test – and our Skinner’s brewing team are no different. They relish the annual opportunity to perfect a brew with the freshest green hops. Which is why the whole brewery waits with bated breath for the bounty laden lorry to roll in each summer.  Without delay the hops are unloaded and immediately added to the kettle with Cornish water to release their oils before brewing with malted barley and Skinner’s yeast.

The result? A once-a-year limited edition Skinner’s pint which celebrates the glory of the English hop harvest.  

Be warned, if you want to taste our seasonal, green-hopped beer you’ll need to be quick. Our Green Hop Autumn ale is only available in casks for a few short weeks from September 16th 2019. Just head to the following fine establishments for your opportunity to sup on the freshest beer available all year round – we promise it’s well-worth the wait!

Rising Sun – Truro

Royal Oak – Perranwell Station

Seven Stars – Flushing

Oddfellows Arms – Falmouth

Seven Stars – Falmouth

Upperdeck – Falmouth

Palacio Lounge – Falmouth

The Front – Falmouth

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club – Falmouth

Grapes Inn – Falmouth

Alexandra Inn – Penzance

Watermill – Lelant

Trewellard Arms Hotel – Pendeen

Copperhouse – Hayle

Pilchard Press – St Ives

Henlys – Helston

Rashleigh Inn –  Polkerris Par

Anvil – Cubert

Newquay Golf Club – Newquay

Probus Comrades Club – Probus