The myths and legends behind our beers


We love a good yarn – almost as much as a good pint. It’s the reason why we enjoy showing real ale fans around our brewery – but we’ve got so much more to tell you than just how to brew good beer.

Our ales are from the heart of Cornwall and like Cornish folklore they’re full of character. We’ve even named some of them after Cornwall’s most famous legends – and we’re not just talking about Steve Skinner! They’re stories of characters and places that embody the spirit of our ales and inspire us to brew beers which make Cornwall proud.

The illustrations on the bottles give you a clue to what some of the stories are about but if you want to know more, then just pull up a pew.

Cornish Knocker – Ground-breaking Golden Ale

Cornish Knocker isn’t just Skinner’s first ale – it’s the name of the fairy inhabitants of Cornwall’s famous tin mines. These mischievous little people appear on our bottles just as they’re described in the Cornish tales with big heads, long arms and wrinkled faces. The mine-dwelling folk would knock to lead miners to the richest seams, so long as the miners left them a little of their pasties when they ate! Nowadays we’re pretty sure that they can occasionally be heard in local pubs, knocking on the bottles to guide drinkers to the malty golden ale, that bears their name. Just remember to leave a sip behind for them.

Betty Stogs – Brazen Cornish Bitter

Betty Stogs goes down in Cornish folklore as a convivial character – a woman who would go house-to-house on the Cornish Moors where she lived, entertaining folk. The only problem was she did it as the expense of her poor baby who she left unwashed and uncared for while she went about her wiley ways! Eventually the Cornish piskies carried the poor babe off. Lucky Betty Stogs found her child once more in the forest on a bed of moss cleaned and cared for by the piskies and she vowed to become a more attentive parent. Like our award-winning bitter, Betty Stogs was full-bodied, a little bit fruity and the heart and soul of any party.

Porthleven – Untameable Pale Ale

Porthleven is more than just a Cornish holiday town – it’s the name of one of Britain’s most famous surfing spots and the inspiration for our CAMRA-winning premium, fresh, hoppy pale ale. The iconic Porthleven surf break is legendary amongst adrenaline-seeking surfers who rave about the un-tameable 20-foot-plus waves which break over the barnacle-encrusted reef off the tip of Cornwall’s south coast. For those of you who haven’t quite reached the dizzy heights of Cornwall’s toughest surf scene yet, you can still enjoy our fine, strong pale ale Porthleven which is as refreshing as the fine ocean spray hitting your face as you ride the perfect wave. Only you get to enjoy it without even getting your feet wet!

Lushingtons – Sunshine IPA

Lushingtons is another legendary expert only surf spot sitting at the westerly end of one of the most popular surf beaches on Cornwall’s north coast. It’s exact location is passionately protected by local wave junkies, so we’ll have to keep you guessing! Known for it’s barrelling left handers and suited to only the most skillful of surfers the wave is not for the faint-hearted. Close by, and emerging from the water only at low tide is a pint-sized sandy haven, known by some as ‘Lushingtons Cove’ where even in summer months you can find a hidden, traquil spot to wave watch and bask in the sun without a care in the world. As the sun begins to sink into the sea, this is the place and the moment that our Lushingtons Sunshine IPA was brewed for.

So there you are – just a handful of the tales behind our beers. And they’re more than just tall stories – they’re the inspiration for some of the most legendary beers produced in Cornwall.

Want to know more? Book on to one of our brewery tours and we’ll show you behind the scenes and tell you everything there is to know about brewing a great pint.