What does it take to be a brewer?


Becoming a brewer requires a recipe as precise as our ale; the perfect person requires a passion for fine beer, an analytical mind but creative flair, and the drive and ambition to push above and beyond to get the job done. Perhaps most importantly, a brewer needs to take pride in every pint produced.

Brewing is a vocation; but it’s also more than the 9-5. We need people who live and breathe the craft and have the grit to get the job done, and the ingenuity to take us forward.

We asked our Head Brewer, Paola Leather, what makes a stand out brewer at Skinner’s.

The real ‘it’ factor is in the blood

We don’t know why, but as well as being folk with a good head for numbers and an understanding of nitty gritty scientific processes, the thing which makes a good brewer can’t be bought or learnt. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true. Each and every one of our brewers know their craft and have learnt their trade, but it’s the passion, drive and that little something extra that makes a good brewer a great one. They instinctively know how to spin plates and craft great things.

We like our brewers creative perhaps a little eccentric.

A brewer is like a chef or an artist. You can learn how to mix the right quantities and let things brew for the exact amount of time, but that doesn’t push boundaries or create new and exciting things. That’s where a good brewer holds their own. We need people who know what works and what doesn’t.

You know the old saying you don’t have to be mad to work here…? Well we love a little eccentricity in our team. It’s what challenges our team to try new things, experiment, push it a bit further… we want our brewers to be showing us they can follow the rules and break the mould.

Plus all of our team have their own talents too, whether it’s making music, writing, illustration, we’re a creative bunch. That can’t be just a coincidence, can it?

Pay great attention to this next bit…

Whilst we want the diehard beer fans and the passionate brewers, we also want someone who knows when to reign it in and pays attention to the data and can crunch numbers. Brewing an award winning ale like Betty Stogs requires consistency and attention to detail to ensure that what leaves our brewery is always the same Betty our fans know and love. We need our brewers to be analytical, methodical and precise… as well as creative. Quite a mix, right?