Which pub personality are you?


The finest minds in pub ‘science’ have classified pub personalities into six tribes. Which one are you? Find out here.

The Organiser

The Organiser is a natural leader. She’s the one who gets a night out in the diary and makes sure everyone turns up.

The Organiser in a nutshell:

  • A ninja at getting served at the bar
  • Organises the best birthday bashes
  • Knows lots and lots about beer
  • Has strong opinions and loves to start deep meaningful conversations late in the night
  • Great at getting problems solved – from forgotten reservations, to wobbly tables – she’s got this.

The Explorer

The Explorer is one of life’s great adventurers. He’s the one to rely on if you’re on a pub crawl or if you want advice about which ale to try next.

The Explorer in a nutshell:

  • Always wants to go and try a pint in another pub, another town, another continent
  • Loves to photograph his pint and share it on WhatsApp
  • Likes a fancy schmancy glass
  • Deeply interested in the provenance of his beer
  • Never ever sessions – prefers a different pint every round.

The Dependable

The Dependable will be there to sup a pint with, through thick and thin. As long as you’re going to his favourite local and he can sit in his favourite booth.

The Dependable in a nutshell:

  • Really loves the first pint of the night
  • Appreciates the magic of pub ritual and bonding with friends
  • Is allergic to change
  • Always sits in the same place in the same pub
  • Has a favourite pint and nothing else will do
  • Does NOT photograph his pint – and tuts at people who do
  • Is a quiet  beast, until roused.

The Warrior

The Warrior is a fearsome pub personality. She know what she likes and she likes what she knows.

The Warrior in a nutshell:

  • Tends to stick with what she knows
  • But likes to try a bit of everything
  • Can be argumentative and will fight her corner
  • Loves talking to other people in the pub
  • The queen of bar snacks – they play to her hunter-gatherer nature.

The Joker

There’s a Joker in every pack in the pub. He’ll be clutching a pint of good solid ale – none of your fancy stuff.

The Joker in a nutshell:

  • Cheats in the pub quiz
  • Loves to play the odd practical joke
  • Is slow to finish his pint (but not as slow as The Ponderer)
  • Gets bored easily so he wants to try that new place
  • Spends half the night chatting to the barman
  • Quite fussy about the head and pour of his pint.

The Ponderer

The Ponderer has got a degree in philosophy from the university of life. She’s the person to take your ethical dilemmas and family disagreements to.

The Ponderer in a nutshell

  • Deeply distracted by the meaning of life
  • Always the last to finish her pint
  • At her best in a one to one conversation
  • If there’s nothing else to ponder, she’ll contemplate her pint
  • Hopeless at getting served
  • Always late.

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