Why the South West is the best place to enjoy a pint


There’s something about Cornwall that brings out people’s passion for a pint. It might be the plentiful supply of pubs or just the holiday spirit brought by visiting folk, whatever it is, it seems to bring on a real thirst…

We take a look at what makes Cornwall so special when it comes to enjoying a drink. How the place, people and Cornish passion combine to make it the best destination for a proper pint.

The place

The South West offers some stunning scenery – rolling hills, National Parks and sweeping coastline. There are plenty of pubs to enjoy the views from too – 636 to be exact. You’d need to visit a couple of pubs a day to cover all that lot this year (we promise – we do our best). These fine establishments vary from cliff-top inns, beach-side bars and ramblers retreats perched high on the moors. And when a pub’s not within spitting distance there’s always a beautiful beach nearby to enjoy a drink on.

The people

It’s not just the scenery that makes Cornwall the perfect place to relax – it’s the atmosphere too. The people of Cornwall are a laid-back lot meaning we’re pretty good drinking partners. And it’s not just hearsay – the office of National Statistics said themselves that the Cornish are some of the happiest folk in the UK. That’s why we’re pretty pleased to rub along together and proud of our communities.

The passion

The Cornish are a proud people, fiercely independent and entrepreneurial too. We pour a bit of this spirit into every beer we brew. We know how to make a good pint but we’re not afraid to try something new. Whether its a firm favourite like Betty Stogs or a new limited-edition, we’re passionate about producing the finest real ale and always serving a proper pint.

The parties

There are plenty excuses to party in the South West – we’ve got big music festivals, beer festivals and quirky events going on everywhere. We love the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival held between 12th – 14th June 2019. For something smaller check out the funk and food festival Chill at the Mill between 24th – 26th May 2019 in Mawgan Porth. If you fancy a sunset run on a beach with music, fireworks and your favourite brew then have a go at Rock 2 Rock at Watergate Bay on 29th June 2019. It’s an event raising awareness of the plastic problem on our beaches – well worth stretching your legs for!

These magic ingredients combine to make Cornwall the best drinking spot in the country. So if you’re coming down then pull up a pew and enjoy a proper pint while you’re here. And if you’re not lucky enough to live in Cornwall, then you can always order your beer online directly from the Skinner’s Brewery online shop.